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By | June 30, 2021

LIC Kanyadan Yojana :- It has been noted that this policy holds great importance when it comes to the secured future of the daughters. This is a policy that every parent should be involved in and then they should be surely gifting this to their daughters at the time of the marriage.

The other material that the parents give at the time of marriage may be the car or furniture, instead of all these things, parents should give this to their daughter.

The main advantage of this policy is that this is in the name of the daughter and this will be utilized by their daughter only and no other person in the family has the right to utilize this for other purposes without the consent of the daughter.

LIC Kanyadan Yojana

LIC Kanyadan Yojana

It has been noted that India is a country where when a daughter takes birth then the family feels burdened and they feel as if education as well as the other expenses of the daughter feels like a sense of responsibility and burden at the same time.

This policy will definitely help the families to relieve the burden and this will definitely increase the literacy rate of the girl child and at the same time this will also decrease the chances of the amniocentesis (that increases the cases of female feticide).


  1. This will be noted that this particular policy will help in the protection of the future of the daughter and will be certainly make the daughters more independent financially.
  2. This will also help the parents to relieve their tension and this will be done as this policy offers life risk and this will be valid up to 3 years and that too before the attainment of the maturity.
  3. It has been noted that the person on the name of whom the policy has been made, that person will get the amount at the attainment of the maturity.
  4. In case of accident, the amount of 10 lakhs will be paid immediately.
  5. In case of natural or non-accidental case, the person will get 5 lakh amounts.
  6. When the girl attains the maturity, at that time the whole amount will be given.
  7. Until and unless the maturity date has been achieved, the girl child will be receiving the amount of 50000 that too every month till the maturation date has been achieved.
  8. All the candidates who are not residents of India, can also avail the policy and there is no need to visit India, that is the entire process will be completed from the online mode.
  9. It has been observed after proper study that this policy has mixture of the Jeevan lakshya policy.

Benefits of LIC Kanyadan Yojana

It has been noted that this policy will certainly pay a role in the advancement of the daughter’s development and will help the parents to provide their daughters with all the best that they can allot and this will also help in planning the future.

  • It has been noted that the premium term that has to be paid will be limited
  • It has been observed that this policy will be accompanied by savings as well as the insurance
  • It has been noted that the premium term will be less than 3 years when compared to policy term
  • Different paying modes like quarterly, monthly, half yearly etc.
  • It has been noted that the entire span for plan will be approximately 13 and 25 years.


  1. It has been seen that this policy can be purchased by the father only and this won’t be allotted to the daughter itself.
  2. Age limit also comes into observation, this has been correctly noted that the daughter should have attained a age group of 18 years and she should not be of more that 50 years of age.
  3. When the policy has been purchased, at that time the daughter must be of age group that is 1 years of age.
  4. The minimum amount that has been summed till the maturity attainment will be around 1 lakh and the maximum limit has been identified as the ‘no limit’.


This could be concluded that in a country like India where still today, the relatives and many parents wish for a boy child only, and they take it into consideration that the family should have at least one boy child, and this compulsion is not in the case of girls, this policy is going to play a role of great importance.

Here this will certainly help in changing the mentality and will increase the number of the girls who have attained the financial independent level at a good age. It should be made into consideration that the most important thing in today’s world is that the child specially the girl child is financially independent.

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